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October 25th, 2014

DOES MOTOROLA Q9M HAVE WIFI Every damn professional technology reviewer throws this term around like they are waiting for a messiah.
The single most important factor in choosing any phone is choosing the underlying network.
I have had Verizon Wireless since early 2000 and I have always been happy with my service.
I cannot really give you a comprehensive assessment of how fast Verizon is to other data networks.
This is a heavily discounted voice and data plan that offers unlimited data for a very good price.
Verizon offers you the upgrade three months before your original contract expires.
I can upgrade more often and also shorten the duration of my contracts without having to pay any penalties.
I think worldwide usage is not that important to me anymore because I tend to visit the Middle East and Pakistan a lot.
The Q9m sounds phenomenal on my car stereo using a cheap cassette tape modulator.
The Q9m looks a lot like the original Q except a few of the buttons have been rearranged.
This added thickness makes the phone quite comfortable to hold in the palm of my hand.
The 9Qm features a smart backlighting feature that uses a light sensor to determine whether to turn the backlight on or off.
I noticed that none of the number keys have the standard letters that show up on most telephone buttons.
I actually recall a passenger a few weeks back who had a Blackberry who asked me to if he could see the keys on my regular cell phone so that he could call the airline that had cancelled his flight.
My friend is using ActiveSync for Windows Vista and says a number of features available in XP are missing on Vista.
It took me a total of two minutes to fully appreciate just how bad the home screen was.
One of the most glaring oversights is the absence of a command to erase multiple contacts at the same time.
One of the things I really like about the phonebook is that it pulls my contacts from Outlook.
I was forced to manually enter in the name of the Category into the Company field.
The people I call report that I come in with a clear voice and with decent volume.
Tethering is the ability to use your mobile phone as a broadband modem for your laptop.
That is a huge selling point and something that a lot of business users would love to know.
I plan on integrating all of my schedule into the Exchange account offered through my firm.
I must have had at least 6 different passwords texted to me until I tried setting up the account on my laptop instead.
The only complains that I have are the slow response Window mobile and have to terminate apps via Task Manager to save the battery.
I am trying to sync up my Q9m with Media Player 11 and the sync will only allow me to save to Main Memory.
You can download PdaNet for a 30 day trial at the PdaNet website or you can find the newest version by searching for the torrent.
Loved everything about it except that its difficult to get a flash player downloaded on it.
Moto Q9M and the Palm Centro for phone and Outlook synch with my personal computer.
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Ratings have been adjusted with respect to newer devices that have entered the market.
Our only complaint would be that the backlighting is dim for typing in darker environments.
It might help to have nails or to use some kind of edge to uncover the expansion slot.
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Verizon marketed the Moto Q9m as a music phone and granted access to its online music store.
VSuite software that offers speaker independent voice dialing and voice commands.
We tested the Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset and the phone sounded great with it.
You will need to call into Verizon to add that service before you can use the software.
Verizon V CAST music store which is now powered by Rhapsody with over 5 million tunes.
We tested the Moto Q9c with the Samsung SBH500 Bluetooth stereo headset and the sound quality was very good with strong bass and plenty of volume.
I think people will be quite pleased with the shipping product and will be happy to see that Motorola is back to producing high quality devices.
With the Motorola Q I should now be able to get the user interface and power of Windows Mobile along with a QWERTY keyboard in a single device.
The End key will also minimize the application you are using and take you back to the Home Screen.
All these buttons are similar to the Motorola RAZR in that they are flush with the housing of the device with rubberized lines separating the buttons.
Between the buttons centered on the Q is the directional pad and action key in the center.
It would be great if Microsoft and manufacturers would increase the functionality of the QWERTY keyboards on these devices.
The keyboard has a very nice blue backlight that lights up the entire key with the punctuation and other alternate key showing up as well.
I would often press the ALT key by accident thinking it was a shift key like on most keyboards.
The camera and voice recognition quick launch keys are located to the right of the space bar.
The last thing you will find on the front of the Motorola Q is the microphone hole for making calls and recording voice notes.
I love having this here rather than behind the battery as I can quickly swap out cards and transfer music using a card reader rather than going through ActiveSync.
I only use a Bluetooth headset so I never even open the cover of the headset port.
The light shines continuously when activated and then turns off after a photo is taken.
Ah battery that provides a stated talk time of 200 minutes and a standby time of 200 hours.
The last feature on the back are the two stereo speakers that provide excellent high quality sound when you are not using a headset and serve as the speakers during a speakerphone call.
You can run pretty much all of your applications without any problem and even load most of them right into ROM.
I prefer to load most of my apps on my miniSD card and just keep a few critical apps loaded into the ROM.
Fi on a mobile device since you are not going to transfer gigabyte files or perform high end tasks requiring these types of speeds on a mobile device anyway.
The preview screen only takes up the center area of the display and does not fill up the entire window.
One other utility included to make your audio experience richer is the Audio Enhancement.
The SP5m fails in the text entry since it only has a phone keypad and the Treo 650 fails due to its subpar phone quality and lack of multitasking.
It shows the longevity of the Q when people are still comparing it to the latest boytoys from the apple camp.
I wish the buttons were bigger because sometimes you click 2 keyboards in one time.
IP subnet calculator and iPhone theme now I am planing to swith my Phone I was thinking to get Motorola Q but having read replies to this posts I have changed my mind.
It looks nice but its pretty new andhas some glitches the complany has not figured out yet.
I bought this phone about a year ago and from the beginning started to give me problems.
However I am now comfortable with my new blackberry because of its email capabilities.
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to immerse yourself in our rich user experience.
I got one of these cards for my Q9c for verizon and i downloaded the updated driver from the website but i get no internet when i put the card in.
PM I got one of these cards for my Q9c for verizon and i downloaded the updated driver from the website but i get no internet when i put the card in.
The info may also be useful to users of other phones and versions of Windows Mobile.
These tips will range from how to organize your phone to what kind of memory cards to use in your device.
With speed hacks and a good connection you can stream videos and movies on your Q9C smoothly.
Once installed right click the Orb icon on the bottom right of your desktop and select configuration.
The last Tab in configuration will setup your account to link your computer to orb.
Windows XP uses Microsoft Active Sync and Windows Vista uses Windows Mobile Device Center.
Both of these share similarities such as they both are inserted into the same port and they are both the same size.
Just pull the plastic slab out of the port entrance insert your MiniSD card and press down until the card pops into place and stays.
The Memory Card MiniSD will entirely fit into the slot and you can they put the plastic slab back in place with the memory card in the slot.
Fi SD card sticks out of the MiniSD slot and blocks the plastic slab from being put back in place.
The reason the card sticks out is so the antenna of the card is not blocked by the devices innards.
MiniSD and MicroSD compromise the size ranges you will find when looking at portable solid state memory cards.
Memory Cards Most people understand what the term memory is but if your not clear it is simple space to store your data or your data itself.
A great analogy would be that a memory card is an empty room and your data is the means to fill that room.
I will be making a separate tip for how to install and use the drivers if you are interested.
Release the End Call softkey but continue holding the center dpad button after the Motorola symbol displays.
A menu with green text and a black background will appear asking if you want to Master Reset your device.
All the data on your device and all hacks will be removed by performing a Master Reset.
Now your on a page that lists CAB files for drivers and PDF files for the manuals.
After downloading the drivers connect your Motorola Q9C to your computer with your USB sync cable.
Double Click on your device and double click again to enter your devices Harddrive.
Also select yes to EEEI Network Access on the page after the page you enter your WEP code.
You will now have an X through your phone service bars on the top right of your homescreen.
In order to turn phone services back on go back to the Wireless Manager and turn the second option or phone services back on.
As you might expect if you turn your phone services off you cannot receive phone calls so use at your own risk.
This is a waste of time and strength not to mention could lead to damage of your device.
Replace your battery cover and hold the green softkey to turn your phone back on.
All you have to do for this one is to download install a few files to your phone and change around some settings in the programs you will install.
Install the software to your device then proceed to your start menu and open the program.
If you stream the video it will use Windows Media to stream which is what your wanted.
University of Phoenix and is currently seeking an associate degree in baking and pastries at the Art Institute of Houston.
Fi settings can be edited or turned on and off directly from your phone using your phone menu options.
Your phone has the ability to store multiple networks and each network can be edited as you desire.
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