HTC EVO 4G 16 DIGIT PASSWORD You will transfer the sticker from one device to the other to ensure that the Evo has the correct MEID.
Doing anything other than the four criteria above is illegal and any discussion about it will be removed.
Okay I am new to the community and You all helped me a lot in the forums time to give back.
Start out by installing all programs and activating you donor phone before you proceed.
Now plug you donor phone into your provided usb cable and check the Device Manager for your Phones Com Port Number.
You should get a message saying that the SPC code is correct and the phone is unlocked.
Save all information in a notepad and label each Profile and save the passwords for both.
Once the download is complete extract it to a folder on your desktop and open the Auto Root Folder.
Now heres your 2 options that you have in order to find your Hidden Meid and Esn locations.
Follow the instructions for this baseband below and you should find most of your locations.
If you only have 10 or less you will have to scan your memory in cdma workshop to find the remaining locations.
You can load up windows calculator and add the offset and location together to give you the area to search for in Memory in Qxdm.
Take the batteries out then reboot your phone into bootloader mode by holding down both Volume Down and the Power Button.
Revolutionary and get your beta code by putting in the serial number and choosing the HBOOT.
This will put your Evo 3D into disk drive mode without having you to reboot your phone.
Turn off your phone then power up by holding down Power Button and Volume Down button.
Go to your phone and hit the Volume Up button and then Power button to unlock bootloader.
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Note if you reboot and your Meid and or ESN is still not zeros then you missed a file somewhere in memory and have to go back to step 6 and rewrite every file again.
This can be a frustrating step and not an easy one by any means but if you keep looking you will find it.
Mandatory for windows xp cause any other operating system wont recongnized the drivers.
I found a workaround for this by using Terminal Emulator on the phone to extraxt the NV Items to a cdma.
I then copied that file off the phone and opened it with MagicISO and got my 4 NV Item files.
I have done over and over again what has been suggested of powering off and on my phone.
Samsung has the nv locked down at this time there is no known way to get all the information you will need.
I would like to add about the prevail I have done some reading over at xda and other places there are a couple people that have claimed to have used the prevail as the donor.
Starting on this page after this there are a few others but so far I have not seen any that give enough information to actually use the prevail.
I currently have service on my prevail but could change it over to the rambler if it would be easier.
I found that after looking through all of them I still had a few that I had to scan to find.
Once that is done you search that large and confusing array of numbers for your MEID number but it will appear backwards on the corresponding line.
I found it very good and you can use the soft keys on the phone home is like vol up menu vol down back is back and search is select.
IM i used to use aim but thats just dead sadly i suppose i could get a google talk account.
You will need to get a the token generated from initiating the get token command.
Paste it in the box notepad and then paste it in the box on their website to generate the unlock bin code needed to complete the unlock process.
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I did not see the 16 digit password published yet so i really have no idea how you guys are claiming this unless you have the patched rom witch if you did this software is not eve needed.
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I I dont know the 16 digit password I just flash a modem via odin that I do know the password of and voila.
I have 1 2 experiment on but I think ima go try n find sum1 who can maybe help us.
Sprint Customer Care or a Sprint store for assistance getting your device programmed.
I am not responsible for any physical or monetary damages that may occur due to the educational guide below.
Every time you make a phone call the phone will beep twice at the start of the ringing.
It tells me I have anything from a 14mb connection one sec to a 300kb connection the next time I run it on every phone I own.

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