XANTHOMAS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR I had mine removed last year with laser but they came back 8 months later but not in the lasered area.
I cut the root end off a garlic clove the same size as the Xantha and pricked the cut end with the point of a knife to encourage the garlic juice and then held it on the Xantha for as long as I could.
It is interesting to note that the Xanthalasmas appeared after two very stressful times in my life and my Dr thinks they are related.
I feel awful with it and think people must think I am really unhealthy to have such a revolting thing on my eye.
My only worry is how long it may take to either reduce or go altogether as I will not want to go about work with a red scabby eye.
Not to mention I was told I had another one that showed up on the other side under my eye.
I want to get rid of these without having to opt out for surgery since reading from some of the comments that they just come back anyway.
After each treatment the size of the deposit was reduced and finally dried up after 3 treatments.
It appeared to draw the fat to the surface which I removed with tweezers on the 3rd day.
I posted a similar problem with cholesterol deposits under a different header here.
My primary care physician told me he would remove it if it happened to be anywhere other than my eye area.
I removed a skin tag in a scary spot under my right eyelid near my lashes with Iodine.
I tried the garlic thing for two times but I got nervous because the area became red.
I have Xanthoma for last 4 years im so scared to treat them as I have heard they came back.
I was a little bit upset because the scab was rather large after 3 applications and it took more than one week to disappear completely.
I had never heard of Xanthoma but from your description I thought that this might be what I had under my eyes a long time ago.
I had a laser treatment in Holland but it is as if they are still there only I think that now I have only the scars.
But I have seen other people who have had them chemically burned who look like this.
I am so pleased with the condition of my skin and so embarrassed by these horrid fat deposits.
If it works and the xanthomas return I know I can return to this easy and inexpensive remedy.
Decided I will just have to live with it unless it should interfere with my eyesight.
It was swollen and red and my skin was open and I was scared to put more garlic on the open area.
Right after I removed the garlic slice I could really tell that the Xantelasmas were flatter.
But I guess I should have continued the regimen but the way I looked was making me really worried and nervous and I thought that it might not have been a good idea to try the garlic cure.
It took 3 weeks to heal but after 3 weeks the Xanthelasma was flatter and smaller.
I did a second round with crushed garlic for 3 days and that really burned like acid.
First looked like it was small scar tissue and it was a little spot under one eye.
After reading this post I am hopeful that I found a cheap solution and applied the fresh garlic to both eyes.
I would say 2 days are enough as I burned my skin due to the third day and it burned like hell.
It takes approx a week before the skin can become back to normal with slight roughness in skin remaining.
What I can see is that this builds a layer of skin above the xanthed area and therefore the Xanth gets completely hidden below the layers.
Evedently I had a hidden stone blow through one of my bile ducts and ended up in the hospital.
Mine has scabbed over so badly that I refuse to leave home until the scabs diminish somewhat.
The scab over the left eye has come off and sad to report there has been no change.
I have had xanthelasma on my eyelids many years and have tried virtualy everything on the market including garlic without success.
It occured to me a few months ago that in this day and age that apart from cosmetic surgery which costs an absolute fortune that there is not an ointment cure for this condition.
I embarked on my own crusade to find my own cure for this condition and I think I may have found a way to decrease it or hopefully eliminating it completely using as near to natural herbs as I could.
My xanthelasma has certainly decreased with my findings but I will not know for certain for a few weeks yet as they are still a bit scabby but it is looking very good as the yellow has not appeared under the new skin.
When you use the garlic you need to immediately start putting vaseline on the area to control the drying and scabbing.
I might suggest you find something else for dry skin like raw unprocessed coconut oil.
I also tried a method years ago of poking a sterile needle in one end and massaging it.
I had a very decent job with good salary but still got refusals from guys due to these marks.
Once again I started looking me in the mirror and feel happy like I did years back.
I am suffering of xanthoma since past 8 years and now I have three of them and fourth one is apearing on side of my right eye.
I will do my right eye soon I gather the strength for pain and burning sensation.
I also developed these horrible things after having my gallbladder removed 3 years ago and have always thought there was a connection.
Just a quick note to let you all know that xanthomas will dissappear by themselves if you treat your high cholesterol with meds and also reduce fat intake in your foods.
I have had to do this about every 6 months or so and each time they do come back a little worse but that would happen whether I did the garlic or not.
Anyway she has another MRI and MRA early January to get a better picture and also another biopsy of her liver to get an update on the damage thus far.
PM When I was on Welchol when I was younger we used to microwave the pills for like 15 seconds and then cut them and peel the coating off of them and then crush them up.
Tuberous and tendon xanthomas are typical for a family with increased incidence of cholesterol in the blood.
From the viewpoint of holistic medicine in addition to those underlying a dietary measures such as the gut symbiotic system by using symbolic symbolic I and II and then at the same time it is essential to start taking chlorella or young barley green means the best of both simultaneously.
Off Natural Factors Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses the body of toxins while improving digestion and circulation.
Off Apple Cider Vinegar has been recognized as a versatile folk remedy used traditionally for many years.
It said if you are low in manganese that your bodies door is wide open to arsenic and in 1996 when I got my first hair analysis I was very low in manganese and figure I had been my entire 68 yeears.
FDA in order for these things to still be available to people in the United States.
The addition of other key nutrients complete this comprehensive addition to your wellness and exercise program.
Definitely something I needed with the Low Calorie and Carb intake as well as addtional nutrients I defintely needed being a vegetarian.
This is important so that they can verify whether the change remains in its original state in the final product or whether it undergoes significant chemical changes causing it to loose its original properties.
What they disagreed on is about the change that is resulted by an action from humans such as heating the alcohol or putting salt or other chemicals.
They sight the case where wine turns into vinegar loosing all its former properties thus making it permissible for Muslims to use because there is a change in the state of wine.
Hanbal schools are of the opinion that vinegar made from alcohol is prohibited and there is no change in its impurity.
Hanafi and some of the Maliki schools sanction the use of alcohol provided that it has undergone complete chemical change.
They are no more considered as the original material from which they are derived.
Ibn Kathir first explained suht generally as anything unlawful or derived from unlawful means.
Ibn Abidin based his comments on the saying of Al Hasafki regarding the manufacturing of vinegar made from wine.
Hasafki says that dust and smoke particles rising from burnt human or animal excrement cannot be judged impure.
The same thing with wine which is different from vinegar and human being is different from the blood from which he is created.
The same thing is true of a pure thing changing into impure thing such as juice becoming wine or the wine becoming vinegar.
The excretion and the wine used as fertiliser or becoming a fruit and so many other things.
He bestowed upon people that a healthy pure animal product comes out of these impure things.
A very complex chemical procedure is undertaken to extract the gelatine from its raw stage and make it usable for consumption and otherwise.
A detail follows on how gelatine is extracted from animal hides in 8 different stages to form the final product.
The hides are then sent through various machines which remove traces of meat from underneath the hide and then split the hide horizontally into a number of thin sheets.
This is drained off once at certain strengths and then fresh hot water is added at a higher temperature to give another extraction.
The first stage is filtration and the final stage is through a 2 micron filter to give a solution of high clarity.
It is insoluble in cold water but swells and softens when immersed gradually absorbing 5 to 10 times its own mass of water.
In hot water it dissolves to form a thick colloidal mucilage which forms a jelly on cooling.
Alkaline treatment tends to remove amide groups present on certain amino acid residues on the collagen protein chains resulting in a lowering of the isoelectric point and consequently an alteration not a transformation of the chemical and physical properties of the protein occurs.
Despite the above method of changing a raw product into gelatine under tremendous chemical pressure still retains much of its chemical equation.
The collagen triple helix structure is lost during this procedure but the resultant Gelatine product retains the original coil structure.
If a comparable medication is available in tablet or liquid form it would be advisable to ask for them instead of taking capsules.
In the area of food we have such a vast selection of products whereby foregoing a certain brand containing Gelatine should pose no problem.
In the UK it is a legal requirement to list ingredients in products and a reference to this guide will indicate what can be consumed or not.
Muslim countries as well as local associations should provide finances to initiate and promote research to develop alternate forms to Gelatine to overcome this problem.
Well Last week I started taking 3 PGX Daily solfgels before each meal with a large glass of water.
Second day of using PGX Daily I had only 3 meals and no in between snacks to keep my blood sugar levels in place.
Off Formulated to provide nutrients which aid in the development of healthy blood.
Off NOW Full Spectrum Mineral caps is a comprehensive combination of the most important dietary minerals used by your body.
This formula contains recommended potencies of essential minerals such as Calcium for strong bones and teeth and Zinc for immune system support.
Cold Processed in a Pharmaceutical Facility This natural fish oil is molecularly distilled and manufactured in Norway under strict quality control standards.
Those who experience nausea from other fish oil products should find this lemon flavored oil easier to tolerate.
DHA Cholesterol Free May reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease The Natural Fish Oil Concentrate used in this softgel is molecularly distilled and manufactured under strict quality control standards.
Taurine is an amino acid which can function as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator.
Off The Natural Fish Oil Concentrate used in this softgel is manufactured under strict quality control standards.
Molecularly Distilled in a Pharmaceutical Facility This natural fish oil is molecularly distilled and manufactured in Norway under strict quality control standards.
Off Selenium is an essential trace mineral and functions as part of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione perioxidase.
Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of selenium may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer.
Seacoast Health Encyclopedia statements or claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.
VaricoVein was formulated to directly reduce the visible appearance of such things as spider veins as well as reduce much of the discomfort that can be often associated with venous insufficiency.
This formulation was also modeled after numerous clinical studies that showed support in the area of leg lesion repair.
NatureWorks Swedish Bitters is carefully crafted using the highest quality of ingredients available.
Digest Basic supports healthy digestion for all major food groups throughout the entire digestive system.
Off Super Hormone for men contains DHEA with a proprietary blend of natural herbs for male health.
Rosehips and Cayenne help you to resist cravings for tobacco without using toxic chemicals or drugs.
Smoke Out utilizes these traditional herbs to restore and detoxify your lungs from the damage caused by tobacco smoke.
Deficiency of only milligrams in just one mineral can often lead to serious health problems.
Off Zinc is as essential mineral that plays an important role in many enzymatic functions.
Zinc also helps support healthy immune system functions and is an important component of bodily antioxidant systems.
Off KIDZ Superfood Chocolate delivers a powerful cup of nutrition and flavor your kids are sure to like.
In fact the Elderberry extract in ImmuneEdge has one of the highest ORAC antioxidant values yet recorded for any North American food.
Syrup Encourages Healthy Upper Respiratory and Enhances Overall Immune Functions.
Max contains intensively concentrated nutrients formulated to deliver all day long.
Off KIDZ Superfood is a nutritional powerhouse blending 32 rainbow colored fruits and vegetables in a delicious berry drink powder.
Magnesium Softgels include Vitamin D and Zinc and offer a truly balanced and synergistic blend of essential minerals.
Valerian root and Hops work to relax stressed muscles and provide relief from over taxed muscles and tendons.
Off Scientific studies have found that Celery Seed is rich in bioactive compounds that support a healthy inflammatory response.
Ultimately we suggest you experiment with a kit to find the pH balance your body functions optimally at.
My understanding was that during digestion of acids the buffering process requires not only enzymes but also minerals to convert the acids before they can be considered anything but acidic.
Just pinch your nostrils with one hand before you put the glass to your lips with the other.
The last time I tried swallowing ACV tablets and they did nothing but cause a bad body odor.
I like the comment of the apple cider being mixed with honey as an over the counter drink that someone mentioned on the thread.
When I asked her about it she explained to me that ACV helps with water absoprtion.
I have been wondering about something for a few days and have been searching the site for an answer.
I drink apple cider vinegar throughout the morning mixed with warm water and honey.
I understand that a high pH is generally associated with health and cancer prevention because of cellular respiration and glycolysis.
I would strongly recommend you drink it diluted with water and not like a straight shot.
The ACV is a good tool to determine if indeed it is working as fresh bites will sting when the ACV is applied.
My next step in alleviating this apparent infestation is in the use of Permetherin and 6 mice placed in cages throughout facility.
I have a large square footage shop and have no idea where the pockets of infestation are.
As you get used to the flavor of ACV you can increase the amount in the tea without compromising your enjoyment.
I prayed about natural remedies went online and saw this immediately went to get ACV.
You may also want to try cold pressed coconut oil as well there is a whole section on this site about it.
There is a great movie called fat sick and nearly dead on netflix and it shows a couple of guys turn major health issues around eating this way.
Generally dairy and gluten are the culprits for most people but you should avoid white sugar and fake sweeteners also.
The Medicinal Miracle by Earl Mindell Lose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar by Earl Mindell Folk Medicine by DC Jarvis.
Having suffered the paralysis that he described on page 29 in the soft covered edition I knew that he knew and understood in detail exactly what he was writing about.
T apple cider vinegar on the vegetable salad and toss to coat all ingredients before leaving for work in the morning.
I seal my salad in an air tight container and pop in the frig when I get to work.
I never put the two together until I came across a book about copper toxicity and zinc deficiency.
Taking it daily can increase your copper levels and subsequently decrease your zinc levels.
Since cutting out the apple cider vinegar and taking a zinc capsule I cannot believe how much better I feel.
Earth Clinic has recommended the standard 2 teaspoons in 8 oz of water 3x a day for years now.
Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar may be too much apple cider vinegar for some people .
We suggest you start with the standard dosage and see how your body responds to a teaspoon or two of acv.
I do not think I can make myself drink this every single day without something to help the taste.
I had trouble swallowing the ACV in water so here is a recipe that I think tastes like lemonade and really makes it easy to drink.
The test to see if I was anemic came back negative but after years I did figure out it had something to do with a lack of protein from meat in my diet.
When you visit a doctor because you are tired and he says you are lazy it is time to find a new doctor.
For the lady who is often very tired and wants to hear what others do for energy.
I am just beginning ACV for acid reflex and have been amazed that something so simple is actually helping me and taking the horrible acid feeling in my chest away.
It was the beginning of a liver cleanse ruitine and I have decided to stop entirely.
I have found that taking apple cider vinegar with Blackstrap molasses helps with the taste without adding empty sugar.
In fact adding the blackstrap helps give your body more vitamins and minerals that you may be missing.
I notice when my co workers come around me they are always holding their nose or making wise crack such as what is that smell.
I suggest you try taking it out of your diet for a week and see if you notice a difference.
I use listerine or hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab and gently rub them off my tonsils depositing them onto a paper towel or tissue.
I have struggled for years with fatigue and the feelings of worthlessness because I was told there was nothing wrong with me.
Find a good one who will listen and insist on getting the time you need to understand everything they think is going on in your body.
If you gently move the bile it will slowly wash any stones and over time will begin to desintegrate them.
Once the bile is flowing and there are no stones blocking the ducts you can add bile salts to the diet which will further help to relieve digestive problems.
Have your health care practitioner check for stones and work with them to get the bile thinned and flowing.
Do some research online to further educate yourself so you make the most of your appointment with your health care practitioner.
I always find that as informative as the article because it comes from regular folks who actually use it.
In Asia vinegar is called the friend of Chinese herbs because it is often used to process herbal preparations.
These uses include everything from keeping a sharp mind to purifying the waters of the body and to easing pain and alleviating dozens of other ailments.
Modern laboratory analysis verifies the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of vinegar.
Potassium is the most important of all minerals that are necessary for good health.
In order to defeat bacterial infections and illness it is important to keep moisture in the cells and prevent germs from depleting that moisture.
The acid nature of vinegar makes the digestive tract environment unpleasant for germs and fungus.
Apple cider vinegar can assist the natural process of breaking food in the stomach.
Apple cider vinegar added to young birds drinking water encourages early weaning and healthy weight gain and they will feather out faster.
We would be smart to make use of vinegar in our own lives and in our avian nurseries and breeding facilities.
Apple cider vinegar is also important for opening a stagnant plant bud like in roses.
I tried mixing 2 teaspoons in a 5 glasses of water and watered it to my potted plants specially when the soil is fresh just brought from the market.
Remember not to brush your teeth for an hour afterwards since it softens the enamel.
Remember not to brush your teeth for an hour afterward since it softens the enamel.
I started with digestive enzymes combined with 2 apple cider vinegar pills with EVERY meal.
This post on EC states that potassium supplements will lower high blood pressure.
Hey I just started using this remedy and l can tell you one thing l am starting to feel younger and fully of energy.
Thanks for all the great information so far love all you have written about all of this great and best of all inexpensive methods of taking care of your body.
I mix mine in warm water and add a teaspoon of raw honey just to make it a little more palatable.
I am now within 20 lbs of my desired weight and I will get there by using this formula.
I also have a blood pressure problem that is now completely under control and has been for some time.
Apple cider vinegar is one of the best cures I have found and it works no matter how old you are.
ACV seems to interfere with the absorption of thyroid medicine and the results are not what we would like to see.
And just two months ago I started to have symptoms of acid reflux like the throat sensation and chest tightness after eating.
I felt miserable and helpless so I searched the internet for remedies and came across the apple cider vinegar remedy for heartburn and reflux.
It is about a week and a half since I started drinking the AVC and so far there are no improvements.
Not to mention the tremendous money I have spent for all of these meds over the years.
Now suppose I were to tell you that mother nature designed your body in a such a way THAT THE OPENING AND CLOSING OF THIS VALVE IS CONTROLLED BY THE PH LEVEL OF YOUR STOMACH.
This valve actually stays shut if the PH level of your stomach is very acidic thus preventing acid from damaging the upper portion of your body.
If it is always to low then that is the cause of your GERD and you should consider taking HCL Betaine supplements.
I immediately felt that suddenly there is no large amount of mucous being constantly secreted inside my throat.
Also I notice that my tongue always stays red instead of always being coated with this white mucous stuff.
Then I down the last half and put the PH strip under my tounge where my saliva comes out so I am testing the saliva and not the liquid that remained on my tongue.
Sometimes I have to google the answers for my doctor so they would stop arguing with me.
My husband had the same problem and the first time he took it the cure was immediate.
I have been on all the meds and they actually seemed to make it worse or I had side effects.
My chiropracter explained that the ACV actually can balance the acid in our stomachs.
My most serious gerd symptoms are gone and now I only get occasional heartburn when that diet I spoke about earlier gets a little heavy on the bad stuff.
After making difficult changes I was able to return to normal enjoyments in moderation.
All things in moderation is something which must be observed for the best recovery.
It was early evening when we started drinking and my reflux began hammering me more than I had seen in a long time.
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An ACV tonic before meals along with some dietary and lifestyle changes is a natural way to alleviate heartburn symptoms.
We recognize that your privacy is important and we are dedicated to protecting it.
Benefits sitesearch to find the many ways you and your pets can be helped with apple cider vinegar.

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